Healthy Futures

Location of Care

Harold Hamm Diabetes Center
1000 Lincoln Blvd., Suite 3200

About Healthy Futures

Our Mission

The Healthy Futures team is dedicated to offering children and families effective care in a compassionate environment.  Our program provides children and adolescents specialized services and resources to assist them in achieving a healthier lifestyle through a family-centered approach.  Our program is an evidence-based, multidisciplinary intervention designed to help the entire family adopt and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Referral Criteria

  • Child is between the ages of 2 and 18.

  • Child has a Body Mass Index (BMI) greater than the 99th percentile, or greater than the 95th with an existing comorbidity.

  • Parents/guardians are willing to commit to the Healthy Futures program.

  • Previous attempts (for a minimum of 3 months) to control or decrease weight by patient and primary care physician have been unsuccessful.

  • Child must have a primary care physician referral.

 What to Expect at an Appointment 

  • Initial multidisciplinary clinic appointments will typically take about 4 hours to complete. Follow up visits will be shorter in duration and based on individual patient and family needs.

  • Each patient will be seen by our pediatrician, physical therapist, registered dietitian, and pediatric psychologist.

  • Patients will receive a comprehensive medical exam that will identify any underlying medical causes and lifestyle risk factors of weight gain, as well as, risk factors for chronic disease.

  • Patients will receive personalized  dietary and  physical activity recommendations.

  • Patients will work with a pediatric psychologist to set goals and decrease barriers associated with healthy lifestyle behaviors.

  • At Healthy Futures we provide family centered care and work in close cooperation with the patient’s referring physician.

Other Services We Offer 

  • Diagnostic services such as echocardiograms, ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, oral glucose tolerance testing for diabetes, sleep studies, ultrasounds and other specialty tests.

  • f
  • Education for health professionals, families, patients and others on pediatric weight management.

  • Connecting families with healthy living resources in their community for ongoing nutrition and physical activity support. 

  • Research that leads to innovative and improved pediatric weight management