​Oklahoma Center for Bleeding and Clotting Disorders

Location of Care

OU Children's Physicians Building

405-271-3661 / 1-800-688-5288

About the ​Center

The goal of the Oklahoma Center for Bleeding & Clotting Disorders (OCBCD) is to help those with hemophilia or thrombophilia live independently and productively. Personalized medical care and emotional support from our specialists - both for children and adults - makes this a reality every day.

The OCBCD provides the state's only comprehensive center for hemophilia and thrombophilia care. Located within The Jimmy Everest Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders in Children, it is part of a nationwide network of specialized centers supported by the Centers for Disease Control.

In 1973, The National Hemophilia Foundation initiated a campaign to develop centralized treatment facilities that offer a range of comprehensive services for hemophilia patients and families. Our facility is one of some 141 such nationally-recognized centers now in existence.

The OCBCD's purpose is to treat the whole person and the family through ongoing, consistent supervision of all medical and psychosocial aspects of bleeding disorders. All aspects of life are addressed: physical, emotional, psychological, educational, financial and vocational.

An Expert Team

Board certified hematologist - oncologists (including pediatric specialists) lead the OCBCD and its multi-disciplinary team. They provide expert treatment for those with hemophilia and thrombophilia. When health issues arise beyond those specifically related to clotting and bleeding disorders, the OCBCD team coordinates care with other doctors from among OU Physicians' 450 adult and child specialists.

The Oklahoma Center for Bleeding and Clotting Disorders is also staffed by the following, who are integrally involved in patient care:

  • Certified hemophilia and thrombophilia physician assistant

  • Nurse coordinator

  • Social worker

  • Physical therapist

Patient Education 

Patient education is a major priority at the OCBCD.  At every visit, our physicians and nurses talk extensively with families about every aspect of their lives impacted by hemophilia or thrombophilia.  This dialogue continually evolves in order to specifically address the health and safety issues of patients in each phase of life, whether it be for an infant, young child, adolescent, adult or senior. 

Visits to the OCBCD typically include:

  • Blood draws

  • Infusions

  • Orthopedics consultation, including movement assessments

  • Dental evaluation and care

  • Pain control consultation

  • Reviews of financial and insurance circumstances

The Factor @ Home program, affiliated with OCBCD, allows people with hemophilia to use clotting-factor replacement therapy at home to manage bleeding problems.  In addition to the convenience home treatment offers, it helps patients avoid serious complications from hemophilia. Prompt treatment means that pain, dysfunction and long-term disability are decreased. Significant cost savings are also passed along to patients.

Communication is a key component of our treatment. With occasional school, worksite and home visits by our health care team, a patient and family can gain important insight and advice based on our first-hand view of the child's environment. Our team also collaborates with our patients' primary care doctors to enhance continuity of care.

The Treatment Center Difference

Patients treated at the OCBCD benefit not only from state-of-the-art medical care, but also from the staff's compassion and never ending quest for enhancements to the quality of life for those with hemophilia and thrombophilia.  As part of this national network, the OCBCD has lowered patient complications and provided cost-effective, long-term care. According to the CDC, people treated at these centers have 40 percent fewer hospitalizations.

Thanks to such comprehensive approaches to care, the quality of life for people with bleeding disorders has improved immensely, allowing them to be more independent and productive.