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About Factor @ Home

Access the State's Only Comprehensive Hemophilia Care

When you or your child needs life-giving hemophilia medications, rely on Factor @ Home. We provide factor and supplies for home infusion and are affiliated with the state's only comprehensive Hemophilia Treatment Center (HTC).

Factor @ Home provides the following home infusion services:

  • 24-hour phone contact and attentive customer service

  • Home delivery of all brands of
    clotting factor and ancillary supplies

  • Patient education programs

  • Coordination of services with experienced nurses

  • A waste-disposal program

  • Reimbursement coordination

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) supports a network of specialized centers to prevent and reduce complications from hemophilia and conduct state-of-the-art clinical research. According to the CDC, people treated at these HTCs have 40 percent fewer hospitalizations. The Oklahoma Center for Bleeding & Clotting Disorders has been a designated HTC since 1978.

One hundred percent of our net proceeds support The Oklahoma Center for Bleeding & Clotting Disorders. Unfortunately, funding at such non-profit centers is often inadequate. Services such as medical treatment, nursing and physical therapy can be jeopardized without the support of programs like Factor @ Home. By obtaining your factor from us, you're supporting this non-profit HTC's essential services many of which are unavailable elsewhere in the state.

Bleeding Prevention and Control

Thanks to home infusion, people with hemophilia can now spend more time at school and at work and doing other things they enjoy. But, home infusion is more than a convenience. Home factor replacement therapy helps prevent serious complications from hemophilia. Because it speeds treatment, it decreases pain, dysfunction and longterm disability.

Using clotting-factor replacement therapy at home, most people with hemophilia and their families can successfully manage bleeding problems. Clotting factors may be infused regularly to prevent bleeding episodes or, as needed, to control a bleeding episode.

Critical Cost Savings for You

Early treatment by home infusion can reduce the number of infusions needed to treat bleeding episodes. This significantly reduces the total consumption of costly clotting factor. But Factor @ Home helps you save in another way. Because we are affiliated with the Oklahoma Center for Bleeding & Clotting Disorders, we participate in the federal 340B Drug Pricing Program. This enables us to purchase clotting factor at a discount and pass those savings on to you.

As a result, you or your child will have extended eligibility for services because it will take longer to reach the lifetime cap for health insurance coverage. Every patient's situation is different, but savings are significant as compared to factor purchased from for-profit organizations.