Pediatric Stem Cell Transplant Unit

Location of Care

The Children's Hospital - 10th Floor TCH-10L 

About the Stem Cell Transplant Unit

The Pediatric Stem Cell Transplant Unit at The Children's Hospital is specialized just for children. Equipment is designed for pediatric patients, and treatments and procedures are not done in the child's room unless absolutely necessary. This helps a child feel as safe as possible when they are in their room.  Now that we're in a new facility, all patients have private rooms.

All procedures are explained in developmentally appropriate language and interactive dolls are often used to demonstrate procedures to children.  Parents are included in all aspects of their child's care, and are encouraged to provide any portion of the care they are comfortable with and capable of providing.

The Child Life Department provides developmentally appropriate toys and crafts to help keep patients entertained while they are in the hospital. 

Upon discharge, parents are carefully instructed on the use of any special equipment or medications they might need for their child, and follow-up appointments with the appropriate physicians are planned.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

When are visiting hours? 
Parents are always welcome to stay, but there may be some restrictions on other visitors after 9 p.m.

Can families stay the night on the unit, or nearby? 
One parent can always stay all night.

Is there a defined schedule or routine? 
Physicians make formal rounds in the morning. Nursing assessments are completed every four hours and more often as needed.

When are meals delivered? 
On request as selected by the family and as permitted by medical orders. Snacks are always available, if allowed by physician orders.

Will my child have to share a room? 
No, all pediatric patient rooms are private.