The Oklahoma Infant Transition Program manages 2 specialty clinics for our Preemies that have graduated from the NICU at OU Children's Hospital

Transition Clinic

Why Do you Need the Transition Clinic?

When babies arrive early or experience difficulties at birth they have an increased risk for poor growth, feeding and developmental issues.  After they go home these children may also have medical conditions that require special care.  The transition clinic is much like an outpatient NICU. Your baby is ready to go home with you but may continue to need specialized care and attention from our team of specialists. The Transition Clinic specializes in evaluating and managing the many unique needs of medically complex premature infants after they are discharged from the hospital to home.  We provide families with resources they may need to care for their medically fragile child.

What does the Transition Clinic Do?

Your pediatrician sees your baby for well checks, immunizations and if your baby is sick. The Transition Clinic is a specialty clinic that will address growth and parent’s well-being. If needed, the neonatologist may suggest referrals to other specialists. In addition, our social workers are able to support and educate parents on the physical, emotional and nutritional needs of your baby. We can also follow any partially-improved NICU problems and evaluate the infant for any newly developing medical problems. 

PremieR Clinic

Why Does My Baby Need the PremieR Clinic?

 NICU graduates are at a higher risk for developmental and growth delays. This appointment will ensure your baby is on track or being provided the extra support he/she needs. The Premier Clinic appointment is scheduled at the one- and two-year anniversary of your child’s NICU graduation. It will provide an in-depth physical, neurological and developmental assessment of your child. If your baby is found to be in need of extra support, those services will be recommended and communicated back to your baby’s primary care provider.  Our team of specialists will identify and help families manages the challenges that NICU graduates experience

What to expect

When providing the best care possible to help your child achieve his or her potential, a multidisciplinary approach is important for follow-up services. Our highly skilled staff of neonatologists, neonatal fellows and other trained professionals will assist in monitoring treatment and services, exams and developmental testing, as well as additional support for your baby during visits. 

Each appointment is tailored to your child's needs and developmental concerns.   Most PremieR clinic appointment include:

 A complete physical examination and history.  This will include medications, recent illnesses (including hospital admissions), vital sign and neuromotor development.  

Early childhood development assessment which may include early identification of developmental concerns

Growth checks and nutritional assessment

Physical, occupational and speech therapy evaluation for services

Opportunity to ask questions and to have concerns about your child's health and development

The results of your child's evaluation will be discussed with you at each appointment.  You and your child's team will also make sure you understand steps you can do to maximize your child's health and development.  This may include referrals to appropriate specialists and steps you can take to at home to continue your child's care.