Perinatal Palliative Care

                                    Pallative care

Unfortunately, some families learn that their baby has a life threatening condition prior to birth.  Sometimes, the baby is at high risk of dying before or shortly after birth. Other times, the outcome is uncertain.

Learning the devastating news that your baby has a life-threatening birth defect is as difficult of an experience as a family can endure. Perinatal palliative care offers supportive services for families during these difficult times.

We are here to help you plan for and cope with the remainder of your pregnancy and the time around delivery. Our goal is to support your family as you face the unimaginable and to help you down a path of healing

How we do this:

  • Meeting with your family to discuss your baby's condition
  • Discussing the various clinical pathways for neonatal care upon delivery
  • Helping you create a birth plan that is consistent with your hopes, goals and values
  • Exploring medical decision-making
  • Considering memory making options
  • Providing a safe environment for your family to talk about what you are experiencing


Our Team

  • Physicians: Our team includes a neonatologist (Doctor specializing in babies) and a pediatric palliative care physician. They will work together with your OB doctor during this time.
  • Chaplin: Our chaplains are available for spiritual support and baptism/blessings if desired. They also assist in funeral planning as needed.
  • Child life specialist: Child Life works with siblings to help them understand what is happening with their baby brother or sister. They also help with memory-making with families.

Contact Information

1200 Children's Ave, Suite 12300
Oklahoma City, OK 73104


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