Perinatal-Neonatal Program

Perinatal Baby

The Perinatal Neonatal Program at The Children’s Hospital at OU Medical Center is a collaborative venture between the Sections of Neonatology, Maternal-Fetal Medicine and the Hospital.  The aim of the program is support families who are expecting high-risk deliveries or babies with known fetal anomalies and facilitate the continuum of care from prenatal diagnosis through delivery and NICU admission.  Some of the services the Perinatal Neonatal Program provides are: Nurse Navigation for prenatally diagnosed anomalies, psycho/social support services from an LCSW social worker, 2 monthly conferences for healthcare providers where plans of care are discussed and coordinated, delivery coordination and scheduling, assistance with referrals to many other sub-specialty care providers and outreach to our referring community.

Perinatal Staff
Anderson_Tracie_2  Tracie Anderson, MS
  Perinatal - Neonatal Program Director
  While she oversees the daily operations of the program and
  supervises staff, Tracie also frequently serves as a fill in for other
  staff as needed for care coordination, referrals and support. Tracie
  is also the Primary Investigator for our project with the Oklahoma
  Hospital Association, Hospitals Helping Patients Quit Tobacco,
  serves on multiple committees addressing opioid use disorder
  and is a liasion for maternal mental health services within the

McCurdy_Amanda  Amanda McCurdy, BS
  Social Services Coordinator
  Tobacco Cessation Specialist

  Amanda McCurdy is a social services coordinator and tobacco
  cessation specialist providing support for cardiothoracic patients
  both in and out-patient setting. Amanda's primary role is to
  assess and support families as they prepare for the journey
  through pediatric cardio thoracic surgery. While Amanda is
  embedded with the Heart Center at Children's Hospital, she also
  sees patients as needed in the Prenatal Diagnostic Center as well.

McKnight  Stephanie McKnight, BSN, RN
  Nurse Navigator
Stephanie's primary responsibilities include referral coordination and support
  for patients with complex prenatally diagnosed anomalies. Additionally,
  Stephanie provides extensive patient education related to planned treatments
  and care planning. Stephanie works closely with both the obstetrical and
  neonatal care teams to ensure well-coordinated, seamless care. Stephanie
  is also a certified Palliative Care nurse as well to aid patients in times of loss.

Montgomery_Renata  Renata Montgomery
  Special Project Coordinator
Renata is a Special Project Coordinator and her primary
  responsibilities include maintaining communications between our
  clinics and our referring providers. Renata makes sure that the patients
  local providers are kept updated with the care that is being provided in
  both ​the in and out-patient setting. Additionally, Renata assists
  patients with referrals and appointments when their medical
  condition requires many sub specialists throughout their pregnancy.

Tennery  Cheri Tennery, LCSW, MSW
Certified Tobacco Cessation Specialist
  Social Worker

Cheri is a certified tobacco cessation specialist and social worker
  who provides ​services and referrals within our clinics and to
  high-risk obstetrical patients and parents with babies in the NICU.
  Cheri's primary responsibilities include assessing and supporting
  families wishing to end tobacco use and providing connections to
  other resources.

Each member of the Perinatal Neonatal Program brings significant expertise to the services provided. This very experienced team is here to support patients and providers through the complex navigation of prenatal diagnosis, care coordination, delivery and NICU care through discharge. If you have questions regarding services offered, please contact the Perinatal Neonatal Program at (405) 271-5215 and ask for one of the above staff.

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