Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose ​& Throat Services)

Location of Care

OU Children's Physicians Building
OU Children's Physicians Building - 8C
405- 271-2662  

About Otolaryngology

From routine tubes in children's ears to reconstructive surgery and gene therapy, our ENT specialists are experts at treating your child's ear, nose and throat problems. We offer comprehensive services, including treatment for chronic ear infections, nasal allergies and communication disorders stemming from otolaryngological problems. And, we are now able to treat ALL vascular anomalies. These include: hemangioma, vascular malformation, rare benign tumors and many related syndromes.

Pediatric ORL

The Oklahoma Ear Institute
 is staffed by otolaryngologists and audiologists who provide the most advanced treatment options for all ear disorders, including:

  • Mild to severe hearing loss

  • Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)

  • Swimmer's ear

  • Chronic ear disease

  • Ear drum perforations

  • Ear drainage

  • Cholesteatoma

We also have physicians who specialize in treating sinus conditions, sleep disorders, head and neck cancer and facial nerve disorders, as well as facial deformities or perceived defects. Some of the services our ENT specialists provide to help your children with these conditions include:

  • Nasal sinus surgery

  • Reconstructive and cosmetic surgery

  • Head and neck surgery

  • Sleep assessment and treatment

  • Skull base surgery

With the responsibility for treating the organs that provide three of your child's five senses, OU Children's Physicians otolaryngologists are committed to ensuring your child experiences every sound, smell and taste possible.