Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Location of Care

After having a baby, the last thing a family wants to hear is their newborn needs to stay in the hospital. But extra attention and support from Neonatal Services is often necessary for infants who are premature, need a medical procedure or who require special care. As part of The Children's Hospital, we have hundreds of specialists, current research and advanced technology right at our fingertips. The NICU at Children's  is proud to provide a compassionate healing experience for you and your family with the highest level of neonatal care available in Oklahoma. 

Highest-Level NICU in Oklahoma

Our NICU is designed to provide family-friendly, developmentally appropriate care to all our babies. You'll find recliners in each of our 96 rooms that help promote bonding and allow new parents to perform kangaroo or skin-to-skin care. Each room also has windows, providing natural light at the bedside, and our location on the seventh floor gives a picture-perfect view of Oklahoma City. 

Neonatal Village 

The Neonatal Village is a care-by-parent area that provides private rooms for families to "room in" with their child and practice caring for their babies in a home environment before they leave the hospital.  

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