Billing Information

You will receive two or more different bills for treatment at OU Medical Center. One bill will be for hospital charges and other(s) will be for physicians and ancillary services.

Hospital Services Billing 
For your convenience, the OU Medical Center Patient Accounting office will file your insurance claims for you. You can make payments, and/or payment arrangements for the estimated balance not covered by your insurance provider in one of several locations - please arrange for payment prior to leaving the hospital.

Payment Locations
* The Children's Hospital, Admitting Cashier office, first floor near the cafeteria
* OU Medical Center Presbyterian Tower Admitting Cashier, first floor, main lobby 
These offices are open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. 
For your convenience, payments are also accepted in the Emergency Rooms 24 hours a day.

Forms of Payment 
* Visa or MasterCard, Discover, American Express 
* Check 
* Cash

* The daily hospital room charge covers your basic nursing care, meal service and special diets. 
* Your hospital bill may also include charges for the use of the operating room, medications, special medical supplies, special equipment or other services you may have needed during your stay.

Additional Information 
Depending on how and when you were admitted, a representative of Patient Accounting may visit you in your room. If you have any questions regarding hospital services, please contact a Patient Accounting Customer Service Representative at (866) 656-8715 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. You may also send an email message by clicking the Billing Representative link at the bottom of this page.

If our service does not meet  your expectations or you have additional questions, contact our billing office toll free at 1-866-656-8715 or via e-mail at

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Physician Services Billing 
You will receive separate statements for the services of your physician(s). The physician services bill(s) will come directly from the OU Physicians offices. These bills may include charges from physicians you did not interact with personally when they provided medical service important to your care, such as anesthesiologists or radiologists.

If you have any questions regarding bills for physician services, please call (405) 271-1500.

Click here for frequently asked questions regarding your OU Physicians bill.