Siribhinya Benyajati, Ph.D.


  • Professor Emeritus of Physiology

Special Interests:

  • Epithelial Transport
  • Renal and Comparative Physiology
  • Mentoring and Training Trainees in Biomedical Sciences especially Junior Physiologists
  • Development of Women and Minority Trainees Engaged in Physiological Studies


  • B.Sc. (First Class Honor & University Medal): Physiology, University of New England, Australia (1973)
  • Ph.D.: Physiology, Brown University, RI (1977)
  • Postdoctoral National Kidney Foundation Fellowship and NIH Training Grant Postdoctoral Fellowship: Renal and Comparative Physiology, University of Arizona, AZ (1978-1986)

Research/Teaching Summary:

My research interests center on comparative epithelial transport physiology and comparative renal function, specifically the role of renal membrane transport of taurine in cellular and organismic volume regulation (on-going collaboration with J. Larry Renfro, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Physiology & Neurobiology, University of Connecticut).

Recent efforts focus on the training, mentoring, and development of trainees in physiological sciences, particularly women and minorities.  I teach renal physiology to medical, dental, pharmacy, physician assistant and graduate students.  I direct the Physiology Graduate Programs and am committed to the improvement of the program at the Health Sciences Center.  I share my passion for Physiology and mentoring with students/trainees locally and nation-wide through the American Physiological Society.  I am particularly involved in the development of women and minority students in physiology at the national level: chairing the national committee on Women in Physiology, conducting national professional development workshops, and participating in e-mentoring activities.


  • Benyajati, S. and  J.L. Renfro (2000) Taurine secretion in primary monolayer cultures of flounder renal epithelium: stimulation by low osmolality.  Am. J. Physiol. Regulatory Integrative Comp. Physiol. 279: R704-R712

  • Lee, B., S. Benyajati, J.A. Woods and Y-K. Jan (2014) Effect of local cooling on pro-inflammatory cytokines and blood flow of the skin under surface pressure in rats: Feasibility study.  J. Tissue Viability. 23: 69-77.

  • Zhou, K.K., S. Benyajati, Y. Le, R. Cheng and J-X. Ma (2014) Interruption of Wnt signaling in Müller cells ameliorates ischemia-induced retinal neovascularization. Plos One. 9 (10): e108454. PMID 2527 1989

  • He, X., R. Cheng, S. Benyajati and, J-X. Ma (2015) PEDF and its role in physiological and pathological conditions: implication in diabetic and hypoxia-induced angiogenic diseases. Clin. Sci. 128: 805-823

  • He X, Cheng R, Park K, Benyajati S, Moiseyev G, Sun C, Olson L, Yang Y, Eby B, Lau K, Ma J-X. (2017) Pigment epithelium-derived factor, a non-inhibitory serine protease inhibitor, is renoprotective by inhibiting the Wnt pathway. Kidney Int. 91: 642-657

Academic Publications

  • Benyajati, S. (2007)  Mentoring Forum: Finding teaching experiences during your postdoc.  The Physiologist 50 (6): 256-257.

  • Benyajati, S. (2007)  Mentoring Advice & Discussion Forum Online: Finding teaching experiences during your postdoc (with additional comments from members of the American Physiological Society).

  • Benyajati, S. (2008)  Mock Interview and Negotiation Video.  Developed (initiated ideas, script writer, producer, video editor) for the 2008 Mentoring Symposium on “Gainfully Employed: From Luanching a Job Search to Navigating Negotiations”:http://www.the

  • Benyajati, S. (2008)  Potential Interview Questions.  2008 Mentoring Symposium on “Gainfully Employed: From Luanching a Job Search to Navigating Negotiations”:

  • Benyajati, S. (2014)  Book Review: Celebrating Life: An Appreciation of Animals in Verse and prose. Donald c. Jackson. Physiologist. 57: 247.


            Office telephone: (405) 271-2132