Zhongjie Sun, MD, PhD, FAHA


  • Professor of Physiology
  • Vice Chair for Research
  • Chair, Research Committee
  • Director, The Robert & Mary Cade Laboratory 


  • MD, Jining Medical College, Jining, P. R. China (1983) 
  • MS, Tongji Medical University, P. R. China (1990) 
  • PhD, Shanghai Medical University, P. R. China (1999) 
  • Postdoctoral, University of Florida, USA (1994-1998)

Teaching and Mentoring:

Dr. Sun's teaching interests include integrative cardiovascular/renal physiology and genomics. He mentors graduate students and trains postdoctoral fellows in a broad area of physiology (cardiovascular, renal and endocrine physiology). Dr. Sun has a unique vision for training graduate students. In his lab, graduate students and postdoctors are trained for integrative physiology that includes whole animal, cellular, and molecular research; thus they are prepared to be leaders in biological and biomedical sciences in the 21st century, and to teach traditional systems physiology. 

Graduate students, medical students, undergraduate students, and high school students are welcome to join Dr. Sun's lab for research training. The Sun lab has a dynamic, creative, and productive research team in cardiovascular/renal physiology and neuroscience

Research Summary:

Dr. Sun's research interests are in the study of molecular and cellular mechanisms involved in the regulation of blood pressure. Application of molecular, transgenic and integrative approaches to the understanding of complex physiological function represents the central theme of most of his current research. His recent effort is on the identification and characterization of genetic and environmental factors and their interaction in the pathogenesis of hypertension and diabetes.

Dr. Sun's Lab


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Funding Agencies:

  • American Heart Association 
  • Reynolds Oklahoma Center on Aging 
  • Robert & Mary Cade Foundation 
  • Department of Defense


Office telephone: (405) 271-2226 x 56237 
Email: zhongjie-sun@ouhsc.edu