MS in Physiology


The M.S. program in Physiology is designed to strengthen the credentials of teachers and health professionals. The M.S. degree may be obtained with or without a thesis. For the M.S. degree under a thesis option, the student will be supervised by an advisory committee during the first year.

During the second year, formal class work and research will be performed under the guidance of a thesis advisor and progress in research will be monitored by a thesis committee. Students electing the non-thesis option will be supervised by an advisory committee. The requirements for the M.S. degree under either option can usually be met in two years of intensive study.

Program Schedule and Course Requirements

Year 1

* Fall
1. Introductory Biochemistry (4 hrs)
2. Basic Neurophysiology (2 hrs)
3. Biostatistics (3 hrs)

* Spring
1. Medical Physiology (7 hrs)

Year 2

* Fall
1. Advanced Course (6000 level) (3 hrs)

Additional Requirements

* M.S. - Thesis
1. Thesis Research (min 4 hrs)
2. Seminar (1 hr)

* M.S. - Non Thesis
1. One other course from course list* (5000 or 6000) (3 hrs)
2. Special Studies (Lab Experience) (4 hrs)
3. Seminar (1 hr)

* Includes other biomedical sciences courses

Total minimum hours = 32