Screening and Assessment

TDC products include screenings and assessments to assist neighborhoods, organizations, and individuals to assess and understand issues related to disaster preparedness, resiliency, and recovery.

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orhood Preparedness Screening (NPS)

NPS addresses personal, family, and community preparedness for community disasters; willingness and ability to assist neighbors and to be trained; and personal experience with disasters.

NPS is designed to be used with community members and can be used to gather baseline data for neighborhoods.  It can be modified for pre/post use in
conjunction with preparedness projects.

School Prep
aredness Screening (SPS)

SPS addresses reactions, coping, and School Preparedness Screen (SPS)personal/family preparedness of teachers and other personnel. It documents teacher, school counselor, and staff perceptions of student reactions, administrative support, and disaster-related activities.

SPS also identifies teacher and staff behaviors, knowledge, perceptions, and needs and interests related to preparedness. Aggregate information can be provided to school administration to aid in developing approaches to assist teachers and staff as they work with students.

 SPS was used with teaching staff and other personnel in TDC's work following the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and the 2004 hurricanes.