• Try to make an appointment early in the month that your certificate expires. This will allow for any unexpected changes in schedules, website problems, etc.
  • The FAA requires that the application for an airman medical certificate be completed online at After the application is accepted you will be given a confirmation number. Please email or call my assistant (see below) with that number. If you do not have that number, I cannot access your medical history or complete the exam.

  • When you come in for the appointment, you will need to bring:
  • A government issued photo ID
  • Your confirmation number from Medxpress
  • Any glasses or a contact case/solution (if you wear them)
  • Any correspondence from the FAA (i.e., a Special Issuance Letter, medical reports, lab work)
  • A Statement of Demonstrated Ability (SODA), if applicable

After the exam one of the following will occur:

  1. You will receive the certificate after the exam information is sent to the FAA website.

  2. The decision may be held in abeyance at the time of the exam. This is usually when a new problem is found during the exam, or when an applicant does not bring in the required updates for a current medical condition(s). For general exams, the time frame is two weeks between the exam and when I must turn in my decision. Uncomplicated exams result in an immediate issuance of a certificate.

  3. When I must defer, the next step is for you to send the needed information to the FAA. Include your name, date of birth, and the PI number (if issued by the FAA). Please retain copies of everything and send everything via registered mail. When this procedure is followed most airmen are able to be certified. (Please do not send me your information. Once I defer the certificate I cannot issue it and I would have to forward your information to the FAA. That is an extra step that can delay matters more.)

  4. I may call the FAA directly when there is an unusual situation and may receive authorization to issue your certificate.

  5. A denial letter is issued. This is rare but can occur in a situation when a certificate is not possible, such as for an applicant with documented, recurring seizures.

    Whatever action taken by an AME is subject to review by the FAA. If you receive a letter from them, it is usually asking for further information and it is important to respond. If you do not respond, you may receive a second letter asking for the return of your certificate.

Fee Schedule

Class 3 Certificate:  $100
Class 2 Certificate:  $150 

If there are extra steps that must be taken, such as a Special Issuance or CACI, there will be an additional $25 change on the cost of the exam.

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