Adult Mental Health Services

G. Rainey Williams Pavilion - 3rd Floor
920 Stanton L. Young Boulevard
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

New Patients(405) 271-5251
Current Patients: If you are an existing patient and need to schedule or change an appointment, please call (405) 271-5251.

The Adult Outpatient Mental Health Services are located in the G. Rainey Williams Pavilion where a wide range of mental health conditions are assessed and treated through the utilization of psychotherapy and pharmacology approaches.

Neuropsychological Evaluation. This program provides a complete evaluation of medical and neurologic dysfunction and its potential effect on cognitive, emotional, and behavioral functioning. These evaluations are used in diagnosing patient's disorders and in quantifying the degree of neuropsychological deficits present.
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Geriatric (Senior Person) Neuropsychological Assessment. This program is designed to assess individuals with suspected degenerative disorders (e.g., Alzheimer's disease), to evaluate memory, and other cognitive functioning of senior adults. It is designed to identify treatable causes of mental decline and assist in treatment planning for each individual. Click HERE for more information.

ExecuCare Program - Addiction Treatment. The OU Physicians ExecuCare program is dedicated to providing high quality, comprehensive and compassionate addiction treatment for executives and professionals in a discreet and professional environment. ExecuCare is an outpatient-based program, staffed by a multidisciplinary team, designed to evaluate and treat professionals and executives and offers comprehensive psychiatric evaluations, medication evaluations, medication management, and individual, marital/family, and group therapy. Treatment is available for chemical and behavioral addictions (e.g., gambling), mood disorders, trauma, personality disorders, and disruptive behavior. Marital and family therapy services are available to the professional and executive and members of his/her family. Click HERE for more information or call (405) 271-2474. 

Fitness-for-Duty Psychiatric Evaluation. A full psychiatric assessment is conducted of all Axis I and Axis II disorders, with special attention given to obtaining a thorough history, reviewing medical records, conducting interviews with family members and other relevant parties, reviewing job performance data, and performing laboratory evaluation as necessary. Any pertinent psychometric testing is referred to psychologists in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. This evaluation results in a written report outlining detailed diagnostic findings and treatment options and offering an opinion regarding fitness for duty, including an opinion about whether or not the individual suffers from a psychiatric and/or addictive illness, and if present, whether or not that disorder interferes with the individual’s ability to practice. Click HERE for more information.

Fitness-For-Duty Psychological Evaluation: A fitness-for-duty evaluation consists of a four-hour appointment that includes a face-to-face clinical interview with psychological testing and feedback. An additional four hours is necessary to conduct interviews with family members and other relevant sources, review  medical and treatment records, and complete a report. The comprehensive report will include a recommendation about the individual’s fitness-for-duty, diagnostic information, and treatment recommendations. Click HERE for more information.

Health Psychology/Behavioral Medicine. This program offers services for individuals experiencing difficulties relating to chronic and terminal physical illness, including adjustment, compliance, coping, stress, pain management, rehabilitation and adapting healthy lifestyles. Services include physician consultation, assessment, and treatment of emotional and behavioral difficulties arising from medical illnesses. Click HERE for more information.