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Major/Minor Rotations

As indicated above, the internship consists of (a) clinical rotation settings; (b) the required seminars in clinical psychology; (c) the Departmental ​Grand Rounds and other departmental or related clinical activities.  The specific major clinical rotations (24 hours per week of activities) are as follows:

  1. Adult Neuropsychology Assessment Laboratory (OU Medical Center)
  2. Ambulatory Mental Health Clinic (Veterans Affairs Medical Center)
  3. Child Maltreatment (Center on Child Abuse and Neglect)
  4. Clinical Child Assessment and Therapy (Child Study Center)
  5. Family Mental Health Program (Veterans Affairs Medical Center)
  6. Geropsychology (Community Living Center & Palliative Care -Veterans Affairs Medical Center) 
  7. Health Psychology Clinic (Veteran's Affairs Medical Center)
  8. Neuropsychology Clinic (Veteran's Affairs Medical Center) 
  9. Pediatric Psychology (OU - Children's Hospital/OU Children's Physicians)
    • Diabetes & Endocrinology
    • Gastroenterology (Inflammatory Bowel Disease)
    • Latino Clinic Pediatric Primary Care
  10. Psychiatry Inpatient Unit (Veterans Affairs Medical Center)   
  11. Primary Care Mental Health (Veterans Affairs Medical Center)
  12. Psychosocial Rehabilitation & Recovery Center (Veterans Affairs Medical Center)
  13. Substance Treatment and Recovery Center (Veteran's Affairs Medical Center)
  14. Trauma and Deployment Recovery Center (Veterans Affairs Medical Center)
Any of the above mentioned major rotations (24 hours per week) could also be taken as a minor rotation (12 hours per week). In addition to the above the following minor rotations are offered:
  1. Chronic Mental Illness- Inpatient (VA)
  2. Chronic Pain Rehabilitation (VA)
  3. Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Behavioral Health (Harold Hamm Diabetes Clinic)
  4. OU Child Abuse and Neglect
  5. OU Child Psychology Outpatient
  6. OU Pediatric Neuropsychology
  7. Oncology Distress Management Service (Stephenson Cancer Center)
  8. Pediatric Behavioral Medicine
  9. Pediatric Hematology/Oncology
  10. Pediatric Inpatient C & L
  11. Pediatric Nephrology
  12. Pediatric/Child Problematic Sexual Behavior Preschool Age (CSC) 
  13. Pediatric Psychology Administration
  14. Pediatric Transplant

Additional Training Opportunities
** Interdisciplinary Training Program on Child Abuse and Neglect (ITP)
** Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)
The above services do not comprise a full rotation.