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Philosophy, Goals & Objectives

Our program subscribes to the scientist-practitioner model.  Although we believe the internship should be devoted primarily to clinical activities, science provides the backbone for much of our clinical practice.  The majority of our faculty are involved in research projects.  The core of the intern's training is in the clinical activities on the various rotations, and each intern will be active in a wide range of clinical activities.  Our program is a General Internship, and as such, interns gain experience working with both adults and children.  The term general internship is specifically defined to mean interns have experiences in psychotherapy/intervention and assessment with both children and adults.  Our major goal is to prepare interns for the practice of professional psychology, particularly clinical and counseling psychology.  The structure of our internship allows interns to focus on emphasis tracks in four areas: 1) general adult-clinical psychology, 2) pediatric and child clinical psychology, 3) integrated pediatric primary care or 4) clinical neuropsychology, which meets the INS-Division 40 and Houston Conference guidelines for training in clinical neuropsychology while maintaining a general internship philosophy.