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Training Plan and Evaluation Procedures

The majority of didactic, research, and clinical activities are within the Clinical Neuropsychology specialty area. The Resident, working with a faculty supervisor, develops a Training Plan within the first month of the residency. As the Neuropsychology Training Director, Dr. Linck must approve this plan. The sections of the Training Plan correspond to the list of ​competencies for the program. Within each ​competency l, the track-specific activities are delineated. The Resident's Training Plan (RTP) specifies clinical activities for the year, the sites where these will take place, and the duration of training at each site. Specialty track-specific didactics, including seminars, conferences and directed readings, are listed. The topic area and a timeline for the Resident's research are also specified.

Psychology Training Faculty (PTF)
This committee is composed of all of the psychologists who have direct contact with the residents. The Chairman of the Committee is the Director of the Psychology Training Programs. The Executive Committee consists of the Director of Clinical Psychology Internship Training, the Associate Director or Clinical Psychology Internship, the VA Chief of Psychology, Child and Pediatric Training Director, the Director of the Clinical Psychology Residency, the Director of Clinical Neuropsychology Residency and 3 additional Training Faculty members. The PTF oversees the various programs, discusses policies related to the program, and makes recommendations to the Director, who has ultimate responsibility for the programs.