Career Center

We're excited that you're interested in working at OU Physicians.  Our organization offers an environment unique in Oklahoma - we're part of an academic health center.  As such we work alongside our state's brightest and best doctors.  They've chosen this setting because they care deeply about training tomorrow's doctors and pioneering tomorow's medical breakthroughs.  They also provide the area's finest health care to people like you and me.

Some OU Physicians staff care directly for patients, helping them to exam rooms, scheduling their appointments, assisting in simplifying the complex paperwork of health care.  We're working hard to provide the outstanding service for our patients and their families.  This means performing every part of our jobs as well.  It also includes little things like sharing a smile, kind word or directions.  We know that great attitudes and actions are anything but "little" to those facing health challenges.

Others of us are involved in research and have the privilege of helping bring major breakthroughs in patient care to our fellow Oklahomans.  The work varies from critical exploration and documentation to interaction with patients who are benefiting from this research.  Every role is critical to taking this research from the idea stage to hope-giving treatment that can dramatically change lives.

Many OU Physicians staff work in key administrative positions.  While behind-the-scenes, the organization could not function without their expertise.  Some answer telephones.  Some polish the floors.  Others analyze the budgets.  Still others keep our intricate computer systems functioning.  OU Physicians is a complex enterprise and requires the best of all administrative skills to keep it successful.

It's wonderful to know that our daily work makes such a difference in the lives of so many of our friends, neighbors and family members.  We invite you to join us in this challenging yet fulfilling work as we build a brighter and healthier future for Oklahomans!

Brian Maddy
Chief Executive Officer