What Our Employees Say



"My job allows me to support other people in doing their jobs well.It's so interesting to incorporate innovative IS business practices with IS clinical practices. By blending my field of expertise with everyone else's, we create a cohesive and successful organization."

Russ Cleary, 
OU Physicians Information Systems

"In my 12 years at OU Physicians, the best part has been the respect that I feel from physicians. They value my opinions on patient care and respect me as a professional."

Glenn Sulley, R.N., 
OU Physicians Urology

    "I love my patients.It's great to be involved in cutting edge treatments and see incredible results. There are great opportunities to teach and to learn. Parents and kids are so grateful for our help."

Dorothy Harrell, R.N., 
OU Children's Physicians Orthopedics

  "It's so family-oriented here. I feel like the doctors, my manager and co-workers really care about me as an individual. They're great to let me know they appreciate my work and are flexible in allowing me to meet my own family's needs."

Patricia Nunez, 
OU Children's Physicians Cardiopulmonary