Expand Oklahoma's Healthcare Workforce


Oklahoma is facing a statewide health care crisis:

  • Oklahoma ranks #46 in physicians per capita
  • OU Medicine has 90 unfilled spots for resident training
  • Our state has 40% fewer registered nurses per capita than the national average
  • Oklahomans struggle to find health care, especially in rural areas


SB 1703 and HB 3160 will fund the growth of Oklahoma’s healthcare workforce by reinstating OU Medicine’s historic sales-tax exemption.

$10 million a year will be invested in:

  • Training new medical residents
  • Recruiting teaching doctors
  • Enhancing the nursing workforce


If the sales-tax exemption is reinstated, the OU College of Medicine could fill all available medical residency spots in Oklahoma City and Tulsa within three years.

Investing in medical residency pays off: Our state ranks No. 11 for retaining medical residents.

Support SB 1703 and HB 3160 to:
• Bring more doctors to Oklahoma
• Make more specialists available
• Train additional nurses
• Improve health outcomes and lower healthcare spending
• Enhance economic development


Did You Know?

Oklahoma physicians generate on average:
• 14 other jobs
• $90,449 in local and state tax revenue
• $1,298,514 in economic output per capita

Source: Merritt Hawkins, The Economic Impact of Physicians, March 2014



Ask your legislators to invest in our state’s healthcare workforce by supporting SB 1703 and HB 3160. By reinstating OU Medicine’s historic sales-tax exemption, we can make Oklahoma a top 10 state in healthcare services.