Resources for Webmasters

This page will serve as the resource center for webmasters. We will be posting step-by-step instructions, along with notes and other information regarding

PDF's with step by step instructions. More available upon request.



  • Direct links - If your department had a direct link such as and it is not working. Please notify me.


  • Sitemaker - We will be keeping a sitemaker server up until June 1 in case there is any information that did not make the transfer. Beginning on Thursday, March 1 you will be able to access the old site at 


  • Forms - If you have active forms on your site. Please let me know so I can transfer them over. 


  • HIPAA - I am aware of the HIPAA email that went out to everyone today. In the new site, each department will have a link to the OUHSC HIPAA page at the bottom of their right hand navigation. We can not put the link in the footer because the footer goes across hospital pages, and the hospital has different HIPAA forms.


  • Homepage - Please do not use the "set as homepage" function under the action items when creating or editing pages. That does not make that page your specific homepage but rather sets that as the homepage. So whenever someone goes to it will not go to the correct page. 
  • Get to Know Oklahoma City -If your section had a Get to Know Oklahoma City page it should now be there. If there are missing link int he text you can add the link back. Please link it to the get to know OKC page under your department. 


Section Templates

  • If you are a section wtihin an Academic Department and would like your own template, so that you have your own right nav and are not part of the larger Academic Department nav, please let me know.


Login Pages

  • If you have any pages that are protected, meaning you need a log in to view them. Please make a note so we can assist you in recreating the pages.


  • Please let me know if you think you do not have the appropriate permissions. Such as, you cannot use the in-line editing tool on the front side of the site.


  • Maps and Directions

You will notice all the links for maps and directions throughout the department pages have either been taken out or are broken. We are building a customized map that all the department will link to. Once the map is complete we will be enlisting your help in going through your departments and creating links to the map where appropriate.

  • Oklahoma City

The "Get to know Oklahoma City" page that all departments link to has not been built yet. Most everywhere there is a placeholder page called "oklahoma city redirect", this is to note where that page should go. We are building a page for everyone to use. Upon the completion of the page, we will send out a link to the Get to Know Oklahoma City page so you can populate it where appropriate. 

  • Links

When the content was migrated, not all the links within the body content of pages were repopulated. You may notice some missing, please assist us in going through and repopulating any link you deem appropriate.